Masonbrite was founded with a single flagship product in mind, initially as an experiment, to provide growers, dispensary owners, and Cannabis connoisseurs a better value display jar for their flower. The biggest difference between MasonBrite and everybody else is their massive display area. You can really see everything very clearly unlike other smaller jars.

Since mason jars are the OG for stash jars since 1858, they just connected the dots. Their flagship product MasonBrite fits on 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz and even 128 oz wide mouth mason jars which can be purchased at Target, Walmart, and other fine retailers. They also have a line of some pretty cool mind blowing stuff on the way so keep checking in on them from time to time…

MasonBrite v3.0 Cannabis Display Kit

Their new and improved MasonBrite v3.0 features an upgraded 300 mAh battery (4x more powerful than v2.0), 3 light intensity settings, a delayed on/off button & an airtight lid!

The Bud Bar Displays

The Bud Bar Displays® product line was designed exclusively for cannabis shops, medical marijuana dispensaries, and CBD stores. They are am award-winning store fixture designer and manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in the display industry.

Sensory Pod

The Incline Puffer Pod™ Stand holds a 4″ x 2 ½” sign card allowing plenty of room for detailed strain information along with an inset to hold the Puffer Pod® secure and an access hole to pass an optional tether cable thru for added security.

The Puffer Pod® itself is an elegantly clean design which uses simple physics to deliver a generous whiff of wonderful cannabis aromas without the need for a plug! The Puffer Pod® incorporates ‘Micro Holes’ that block air movement until the puff button is pressed. When pressed quickly the Puffer Pod® then delivers an ample wisp of terpene aroma.

The Puffer Pod® also features a humidity tray which hides an optional Boveda® Humidity Control Pack underneath, allowing samples to stay fresher, longer. The tray, along with their trademark magnifier and nug spike, make this Incline Puffer Pod™ display a “Puffing Powerhouse”!


Established in 1978, Eddie’s Hang-Up Display Ltd. Is one of Canada’s most recognizable name in store fixtures and retail supplies. They are direct importers from countries around the world including Taiwan, China, Korea, Thailand, France, Italy, Turkey, and the United States.

Aroma Orb™ Cannabis Display Jar

A sight and smell sensory display for cannabis flowers made specifically for cannabis retailers and dispensaries in accordance with Canadian regulations. The Aroma Orb™ was developed by Eddie’s with input from industry experts resulting in a superior marijuana display container that complements the aesthetics of any cannabis retail environment.

Smokus Focus

Smokus Focus founders Sam Whetsel and Danny Einhorn both have backgrounds in retail and a 20-year background as cannabis users! With cannabis legalization sweeping the country, they were eager to check out the dispensaries. When they shopped around, they were surprised at the variety of experiences. Mostly they were not so great!

They encountered uneducated bud-tenders who couldn’t explain what they were buying. They went into stores that seemed like we were in someone’s mom’s basement. But most importantly, they noticed that all the product that we had traveled far to see was largely hidden from the customer!

As retailers themselves they were competing with the internet and that was a tough battle. To keep customers coming back, they had to create an in-store special experience that would break the monotony of the daily grind and give people a story to share and a reason to come back. They felt like this was missing from a lot of dispensaries.

Smokus Focus’ Gas Giant:

The “Big Daddy” of display jars created to store and display your flowers in the most innovative and aesthetically-pleasing way possible. Subpar display jars and manhandling flowers are now a thing of the past! Not only does the premium glass jar body have the ability to hold up to half a pound of product, but coupled with brilliant lighting, 5x the magnification and a vent, the Gas Giant allows for flowers to be examined in the best way possible…without opening the jar. With the addition of a USB-C rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, “battery hassle” is now a thing of the past. The Gas Giant makes it easy to ensure your flowers are displayed with the most magnificent lighting for up to 10 hours! The Gas Giant is sold under a limited, non-exclusive license from All Plastic, Inc. to U.S. Patent 10,384,834 and U.S. Patent 11,001,413

Display Dispensary

If you are a retailer who is either opening stores or looking to remodel an existing store, can be a one-stop-shop.

They offer a complete line of products geared for the retail cannabis industry that’s in stock and ready to ship at affordable prices.

If you are a cannabis-related brand marketer who is looking for an expert display manufacturer to highlight your brand at retail, then could be the right vendor to create a custom solution for you.


This revolutionary design in cannabis containers is what dispensaries have been looking for! The FlowerBox™ is designed to be integrated with our “Eco-System” of products including Display Risers, Showcases, Cabinets and Acrylic Displays that will make any dispensary look elegant and professional. At we’ve listened to cannabis dispensary owners…

Shop POP displays

ShopPOPdisplays showcases are designed to provide state-of-the-art marijuana and cannabis retail displays to their customers serving the medical marijuana and recreational marijuana industries. Locking dispensary display cases, cannabis display counters and cabinets will keep your inventory secure for a wide variety of products without interfering in the shopper experience of your clients. If you’re searching for innovative designs, look no further than their patent-pending “unseal/reseal with a twist” bud jars, which allow your customers to experience terpene aromas without opening the pods or handling the product. These bud display jars are outstanding dispensary store fixtures to add to your bong, pipe or pre roll display case. 

Cannabis Display Pod

Highlight, preserve and protect your countertop cannabis buds with this economical and effective sensory display container. Our patent pending design preserves your best buds while on display and allows your customers to fully experience terpene aromas without handling the buds. Bud jars can be customized with differentiating color spike inserts.


A uniquely designed marijuana storage box for short and long-term storage, Cannador® preserves your top shelf by controlling humidity at the perfect ratio to maintain freshness and taste. Clear glass jars and clear plastic containers let in UV light, which damages the trichomes that contain cannabinoids. A dark and controlled humid environment is ideal, but it cannot be too humid. If it is more than 75% relative humidity (RH), your bud will run the risk of supporting mold growth, something a traditional cigar humidor has the potential to do.


If you’re a Cannador® owner or a ‘do it yourself’ enthusiast, these glass cups with breathable lids are a great addition to your humidor or storage box. The adjustable ventilated lids can be opened and closed to allow for humid air to enter and keep your contents at the proper RH. All glassware may be purchased in lots of two in either 1/4oz or 1/2oz sizes. The 1oz glass size may be purchased in lots of one.

Kooki Jar

Today, KookiJar is leading the de-stigmatization of cannabis, with showcase-able physical storage and a personalized digital app.  Their glass jars ensure freshness and the preservation of potency, while their innovative, custom-designed magnifying lid lets you view, inspect, and present your flower in detail.

Check out the full KookiJar lineup of premium storage solutions.

Also, don’t forget to download the KookiJar App to keep track of what you’ve collected in each jar, journal how you experienced it, and discover how to curate a collection that suits your individual preferences.  Let us help you find your next favorite strain!

The Tower | Large Glass Stash Jar with 5x Magnifying Lid

  • Why:glass + airtight seal + humidity control = amazing high.  You and your flower deserve a storage upgrade and, trust us, your personal ‘experience’ will benefit from the preserved terpenes.
  • Size: 16 fl oz. (500 ml).  Stores up to 1 oz. of dried flower comfortably.
  • Type: available in black or clear premium quality glass.
  • Lid: custom-designed airtight 5x magnifying glass lid.
  • Included:  Boveda Humidity Control Pack, microfiber cleaning cloth, and labeling stickers (used with the KookiJar App).

8. Veritas

Most of us, and many of you reading this, have a reason that you are looking to bring cannabis into your lives.  At Veritas, they want to make sure every consumer can find the strain best suited for them, every time.   

Terpenes are organic compounds, responsible for the scent of many plants.  They are also the single most important factor in determining how cannabis will affect a person.  They focus on understanding the terpenes found in each of our strains, and they cultivate to maximize their presence in their flower.  

They have one goal; quality over everything.  They offer the most consistent, terpene rich flower on the market and pride ourselves on the unique, labor intensive processes behind their cultivation.  From seed to sale, the entire process is completed by hand.  From the garden to the packaging room, every step has been designed to ensure the freshest, cleanest premium flower experience in the country.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to cannabis or a connoisseur who has used the plant for years, they welcome you and are here to help. 

Veritas x Smokus Focus Eclipse Display Jar

The most powerful display jar, ever. Smokus Focus has created a flower viewing experience that rests at the apex of functionality and design.

The Eclipse’s brilliant ring of recessed LED lighting captures every detail of your flower for over 12 hours, allowing for non-stop, seamless, and simple daily display. The crystal clear duel magnification lens sits atop our most ergonomically-conscious jar that fits effortlessly in the palm of your hand.

Large enough to fit over a 1/4th of flower, small enough to toss in your backpack as you embark on your next adventure.