Benefits and drawbacks of percolators in bongs


Percolators in bongs offer a number of benefits that make them an attractive choice for smokers. They are designed to filter and cool the smoke, resulting in smoother hits with less throat irritation. Additionally, they add aesthetic appeal to your bong by creating bubbles as well as providing additional filtration options. However, percolators can impede airflow which can result in a slower draw and reduced efficiency when smoking. Furthermore, they require more frequent cleaning due to the intricate design which may be off-putting for some users.


Enhanced Flavor – The percolator filters and cools the smoke, which enhances the flavor of your herbs or tobacco.

Percolators are an important part of a bong and help to cool the smoke. They also filter out dust, ash, and other particulates from the smoke before it reaches your lungs. This helps to improve the flavor of the hit by removing any harshness or bitterness that can come from large particles in your smoke. The bubbling action caused by percolators also adds oxygen to the smoke which further enhances its flavor as well as making it smoother and easier on your throat and lungs.

Filtered Smoke – The percolator filters out a lot of unwanted particles, making it easier to inhale without irritation.

Percolators filter the smoke from bongs by creating a second chamber for the smoke to pass through. This creates a longer pathway for the smoke to travel, which gives it more time to cool down and become smoother before being inhaled. The percolator also helps remove some of the impurities in the smoke that can cause irritation or coughing when inhaling.

Smoother Hits – Percolators help to break up the smoke into tiny bubbles that are easier on ur lungs, allowing for smoother hits with less coughing and throat irritation than traditional bongs without a perc can provide.

Percolators are devices that help to filter and diffuse smoke in a bong. They do this by breaking up the smoke into tiny bubbles and cooling it as it passes through water, helping to make hits smoother and cooler. This process can also help remove some of the toxins from the smoke before inhalation, making for a cleaner hit.

Increased Efficiency – Since the smoke is filtered through more water before hitting your lungs, you get more out of each hit as you don’t waste any of it in the process!

Percolators are devices that are installed inside bongs to increase their efficiency. They work by forcing the smoke through a series of small holes or slits, which agitates and cools down the smoke before it reaches your lungs. This creates a smoother hit with fewer harsh chemicals and toxins. The increased surface area also allows for more complete combustion of any plant matter that is being used, resulting in larger clouds of vapor with each draw.

Unique Aesthetics – Percolator bongs come in many shapes, sizes, and designs making them very aesthetically pleasing pieces for any smoker’s collection!

Percolate bongs have unique aesthetics and are more visually appealing because they use perforated discs or plates that diffuse the smoke, resulting in a smoother hit, while also providing an aesthetic design element. The way these discs create bubbles when used adds to the visual appeal of the bong. Many people find this aesthetically pleasing and it often becomes a focal point for conversations about smoking paraphernalia. Additionally, many percolate bongs come with intricate shapes and designs on them that further enhance their visual appeal.

Increased Coolness – The water in the chamber of a percolator bong helps to reduce the temperature of the smoke, creating a smoother experience for users as compared to other smoking methods such as pipes or joints.

Percolators cool bong water by forcing the smoke through a series of small holes or slits in the percolator. This causes the smoke to mix with bubbles of air and water, which cools it down significantly before reaching your lungs.


Reduced Draw Resistance – Percolators can reduce the draw resistance and make it harder to take a hit.

Percolators reduce draw resistance by using a series of holes, slits, or passages to create multiple paths for air and smoke to travel through. This creates more surface area for the smoke to transfer heat and expand, reducing the pressure on its way up through the tube. The smaller passages also make it harder for smoke to pass through quickly, making it harder to take a hit.

When using percolators, water tends to splash out of the bong due to their complex design, making for a messier smoking experience.

Require More Frequent Cleaning – Percolator bongs require more frequent cleaning than non-percolated bongs as residue builds up quickly in all those extra chambers and passageways in the glassware.

Percolator bongs require more frequent cleaning because the water and smoke pass through a series of small tubes, which can become clogged with ash and resin. These small tubes are much harder to clean than regular bongs so it is important to keep them clean in order for your bong to function properly.

High Cost – The cost of percolator bongs is generally higher than regular pieces since they are more intricate and require more effort from glassblowers during production process

Percolator bongs are more expensive because they have a more complex design with multiple chambers, diffusers, and percolators. This extra complexity increases the cost to make them as well as their durability.

Harder for Newbies – The percolator can create an overly complex smoking experience, making it difficult for novice smokers to get comfortable using a bong.

Percolator bongs contain multiple chambers and a complex system of tubes, allowing the smoke to be filtered and cooled before being inhaled. This complexity can make it more difficult for new smokers to understand how to correctly use a percolator bong as it requires knowledge of different components such as downstems, ash catchers, diffusers, and ice pinches. It also requires understanding of the correct sequence for filling water levels in each chamber with the right amount of water.

Longer Setup Time –  They tend to take longer to set up compared to simpler models as all their various pieces must first be connected together before use

Percolator bongs take longer to set up because the percolator has many small sections and chambers that require careful assembly. Each chamber needs to be filled with water in a specific way, and then connected to the others by tubing. This process can be time consuming and requires patience, but it ensures that each draw of smoke is filtered through multiple layers of water for maximum smoothness.


Percolate bongs have become increasingly popular due to their ability to cool, filter and improve the flavor of smoke. They are generally more expensive than traditional bongs, but offer a much smoother and cooler smoking experience. Pros include better flavor and smoother smoke; less harmful elements; improved filtration; fewer respiratory irritants from combustion; reduced coughing and increased comfort when inhaling. Cons include higher cost, potential for water spillage if not properly handled, added complexity (e.g., learning how to setup/use percolator features), potential for clogging with resin accumulation over time that may require additional maintenance or cleaning efforts.